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There are 2 ways to approach this traverse:


Ruchpass: This path is more direct and mainly leads through scree and gravel. It is the safer route and more suitable if one is afraid of heights. Duration approx. 3 h.


Panoramaweg: Päuggenegg - Riedfurggi - Leidsee - Leidseepass - Leutschachhütte. More diverse, but has 2-3 exposed areas. There are safety chains and wire rope to hang on to. Duration approx. 4 h.


Spannort hut

This Alpine transition is only possible with appropriate experience and equipment. The track leads over the glacier to Schlossberglücke. From there it’s about 1 hour to the Spannorthütte.



There are 2 options:


Älpeligriess: This alpine track leads directly over the Schlossberg range via Älpelilücke. The track is marked, but there is often some old snow remaining on the track. A very nice option for experienced hikers.

Duration approx. 6-7 h

Boggli-Wilerli-Alpnacht-Brüsti: It is also possible to hike around the range. The Sonnigtälerhöhenweg is one of the most beautiful of all. Duration approx. 7 h.

Summer Tours

Mt Kroenten (normal ascent)

Our local mountain is very popular. After about 2 - 3 hours we cross the glacier "Glattfirn", then we follow a wide ridge to the summit. Once there, you still have to climb up to the 10m high summit. There are two options for that, either on the outside, or directly through the “chimney”. There are sufficient anchors mounted to secure oneself.


Mt. Kroenten East Ridge

This alternative ascent to Mt. Kroenten is technically more demanding and is rated grade 3 - 4. The tour traverses through rock and ice. Again, there are fixed anchors mounted for temporary securing.



For this you have to walk for about 2 hours over the glacier "Glattfirn" until you reach the entrance. On the mountain itself you have to scramble for a further 1-2 hours. The whole tour takes about 5-6h.   


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