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We have 5 climbing gardens (bouldering?) in our area. They range from very easy to very difficult.  We have something for everyone.


Multi-pitch routes

At the front / rear Päuggenstöckli, as well as on Gwächten there are a variety of climbing routes. From short and easy to very long and challenging routes, we have it all.


Climbing equipment

All equipment can be rented, provided you have the necessary climbing experience.



Are available at the hut for viewing.


Hut pool

Our rock pool is ideal for a refreshing dip after a hard day. As we clean the pool regularly, invigoration is guaranteed.



Hiking from "Chüeplangg" towards the hut, you will reach Fulensee, a beautiful mountain lake, approx. 30 minutes before you get to the hut. The lake heats up to over 20 ° C in summer, because there is no water flow through it. On a hot summer’s day, this lake is a swimmer’s paradise.



The Obersee is 10 min. from the hut and is much colder. The water does not heat up to more than 7-8 ° C.

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