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How to get to the hut in winter ...


In winter it is usually not possible to drive to the Bodenberge. You drive to the "Schibogenbrüggli" (end of the bitumen road). From there, you walk along the road until the beginning of the flat area in Bodenbergen. Ascend via the winter path, up the northern slope, past the Ellbogenalp and then turn right. Approx. 1 - 1.30 h before the highest point you see the 1st pole, which should ensure that you find the way. After passing the Päuggengaden (not always visible), you can orient yourself further by following the poles. As you arrive at the highest point, just above a wooden cross, you can take off your skins (ski climbing aids) and continue along, following the poles until you see the hut. You’ve done it !!

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